Trend Line

Above 1 hour candlestick¬† chart represent the the data of XAUUSD. This the commodities market you can apply trend line in any market because all market moves in downtrend , uptrend and in sideway so when market is in uptrend or in downtrend you can generate profit using trend line as support and resistance line. so this is very basic information of price action. Trend Line is a very powerful tool for making profit from any market if you trade with markets trend using trend line. Therefore we can say that ” Trend is our friend “. But also you should have knowledge how to draw correct and valid trend line and also you should have knowledge about how to ride the trend with the help of trend line. This is very basic things but many traders enter in this trading¬† field without¬† correct knowledge of price action and the end they just make lose only. If you combine candlestick psychology plus trend line then you can able to detect very powerful setup in any types of market.