ProTM  able to make successfully  smile  on world wide traders face by delivering best knowledge and guidance about the market. You can read some review from many in their own word !


Dear ProTm,
       Thank you very much for the knowledge you shared with me during the conquer course. I am very happy to have purchased this course thanks to which I am able to analyses the market very confidently. What I like is that with this knowledge I can create my own very reliable setup. Another thing is that you taught me how to not be sized by emotion.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

 –  Traore H.


Hello Sir, thank you for giving me a deep knowledge of Level Trading. I am satisfied with this course due to bellow reasons:

(1)  You are a friendly and highly responsible tutor: before starting a new lesson, you always ask me about having any doubts from previous lessons. If I were not clear some points, you were ready to help me clear them. Especially, you gave me a free lesson for clarifying my doubts in trend line drawings. Moreover, you always rapidly replied to my questions via Telegram.

(2)  You have good educational skills: Unlike to knowledge I learnt from YouTube & other sources, you delivered the deep and complex knowledge by simple explanations and visualizations. I love this point.

(3)  The last one is that the contents of Level Trading course are very brief and concise but they are new that I have not found from YouTube or other Internet sources. Your course gives me more confidence in trading with levels and makes me become a profitable trader after this course.

With the above reasons, I highly recommend your courses to other non-profitable traders.

Once again, Thank you so much for your professional teaching.

 – Dinh N.


When I heard about the course, I thought it would be a class with pre-recorded videos and strategies I already knew. When the day came to start the course I was surprised to see that this trader actually called me and gave me one on one live classes. I feel that the teachings he has given me have been very clear, and he has taught me things I never knew. I can now clearly understand the market and he has shared secrets about the market that were unknown to me. This course has saved me at least three years of personal studies, and I now feel confident in my operations and knowing how to work the market. Something that has surprised me is learning that there are emotional secrets that can help me in my operations.
This trader teaches in a way that makes me feel as if he were a friend because he is always willing to answer my questions and is patient with my language barriers. You should always invest first in learning about the market before actually diving in, and this is the best way to do it. I am very happy with this course, and I would rate my experience 10/10 and would recommend it to anyone at any experience level.
 – Bernardo F.


Hi Sir, I just want to Thank you from my heart.  In a past couple of months I was following some YouTubers who only wanted to make money on YouTube with their stupid strategy videos about indicators. They only want to make people fool and earn money from their time. They wasted my time. But Now after learning from you I come to know that indicators are not for Binary Options and only price action can help me. Sir now I’m really glad and satisfied with my trading results. You taught me as your younger brother. You are very nice person.
So, Thank you for giving me the real knowledge about Candlesticks Psychology…..Now I’m very happy  with my results!!!!I just love your knowledge and teaching method.
– Safi U.



I’m really glad to meet you because I learned a lot from you and now I have high confidence  and Those who want to learn the binary option you must to learn from Sir because this is the only way. I feel so good bro !! now I know all level now. If I know before levels maybe I didn’t lose my money in binary option thanks bro for your help. If I find you before now I was a professional trader.
 – Reza A


Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your professional teaching.
You have given me fundamental knowledge of forex trading.
Before I joined teaching I thought Indicators will help me, but result was negative,
then I thought combinations of indicators will be profitable but even that went to negative, then I went for paid indicators but result was disaster, total loss mentally and financially.
Then I cam across your statement “Before investing in trading, invest in education of trading and get knowledge of trading” and that hit me, I decided to have you as mentor.
With your teaching I have regained my confidence, my point of view about price action chart have changed totally. thank you so much.
I must admit to you that you have excellent teaching technique, the way you have simplified trading education, it is awesome and even I can guarantee that in my trading I will never have loss. After your course, Price Chart of forex is talking to us, where market is going to be.
The good thing about is you have provided me proper knowledge of trading, Psychology of candlesticks, trends of market, money management, emotion controls etc…above all you have taught me in very simple language, so any beginner or senior trader can understand. “WHY”
I assure you that I’m always there for you whenever you need me in your life.
Thank you so much.

Best regards.
 – Haresh G.



To have known a person like you is a fortune. It is said that the most important people meet at a sudden !!! There are no suitable words to make gratitude for all you have taught me and for your patience !!!!

 – Ana M.


I have taken training form ProTM. I have nothing to say about the training. After complete the training I feel so happy and understand that my previous knowledge about trading was absolutely wrong.
When I start the option trading, I was the member of various group of very reputed guys but I didn’t learn from there due to their intention is to make anyone lose and they will get the affiliate commission that’s it. Nothings more than that also they don’t have any knowledge and skilled too.
Every time I tried to survive by finding some better knowledge about trading also watched a lot of training video from YouTube. After wasting a lot of time and very big lot fund I found  Pro Trader Maker and that change my mind though and everything about trading. That’s the best and absolute findings for me. I contact with him and convince him to teach me. After taken the training now I am able to trade each and every candle as per his given knowledge. That was the golden time for my life when I was gathering knowledge from him. His training like magic and its works like magic.
Before get the training, I don’t have any consistency to get profit and ratio of lose was more than win due to don’t have the right and proper knowledge about trading which I get from protm. His teaching method is also very nice and peaceful by his sweet word and friendly attitude.
I will suggest everyone to get knowledge from protm if you want to get proper knowledge and skilled about trading. There is nothing except learning proper knowledge about trading and no one can be able to get profited in this field.
I pray for almighty Allah to bless him.

 – Abdul H.



Trading became my passion but how to get into profit streak was fairly a utopia to me until I got this great pro trader maker .He has worked hard to attain the required skills of trading by candle sticks. He is nice teacher a lovely friend and great trader indeed.
I wanna say thank you for knowledge sharing dear Sir… I Will never forget you how you taught me trading.
 – Shaukat M.

I have been trained by this great trader on Candlestick Analysis. His methods of teaching are very simple and straightforward. It wasn’t difficult to understand. Within days of working with him, my trading results radically changed from about 30% ITM to about 70% ITM. I am still practicing and I expect that in the coming weeks my results will be consistently at the 85 to 90% region. This is the most comprehensive training on Candlestick trading I have ever come across. Don’t waste time anymore searching for the holy grail. It is right here in front of you with Pro Trader Maker. And the cost is absolutely a giveaway.
 -David A.


I started Trading almost 2 years ago, trying so many strategies,
indicators, groups etc. I learned a lot even about the market, price
action, but i couldn’t get enough self confidence to start real and being  a successful trader. I’m so glad I came over ProTM and registered for the  courses. The Knowledge which is given is precious, detailed, simple to understand  it is a different kind of knowledge with very deep sight into the  condition of the market. Thank you very much, Sir., you are such a kind person with a lot of patience, caring, straight sight of the plan of the lesson ;o) and I’m glad to get a friend in India…
I highly recommend ProTM to people who wants to become successful trader

 – Margot B.

I absolutely loved pro trader maker’s course!!
I also recommend all of his courses.
Sir has a great energy and passion when explaining which is definitely a big thing…he doesn’t make you fall asleep on the screen!
                 I just love his teaching style and the fact that he actually give me homework and comment my mistakes also fix them.

                       Not only did I learn lots of things in terms of binary option, but my thought process has also improved on how to be full time trader!

One thing that I would definitely suggest, not just for this course but for any other. Just try to understand the concepts and the logic behind it. Then try to practice yourself more at a time.

 – Prai B.


I´m so glad to give this review as a Forex trader for 2 years, I´ve passed for around two more masters of trading, but what I can tell here? This is the real master because we have the real action trading in action with no indicators at all just his great and amazing knowledge, it takes time to manage this can of skills like great powers just reading the Japanese candlesticks like a Pro, I realized after I did this advance course in trading, it´s the best so far in way of a trader, anyone with our great teacher master can able to trade like a master, that gives you more accurate entries, the best available technical analysis as a pro trader like no any other wall street trader, no need of robots you will be the actual best trader, believe if you want to be best trader and starting your trader career you must do this trading course it´s the best in the world nobody knows what our master knows as just like 9% of successful traders know!

Best regards,

 – Pedro I.

“Precious knowledge taught by a valuable professor. The patience and the
dedication he puts into his teaching is just priceless. I enjoyed all the time we had together and I definitely recommend you his courses.”
 -Cherif S.

I have been trading for 2 years with no proper guidance and knowledge and my win ratio was a disaster yet I thought I knew a lot about trading. My trading
results where never consistent & I lacked a good trading plan but after taking a course from pro trader maker, I now know what setups to look for in the market, when to take a trade and when to avoid taking a trade entirely. Knowledge is key and Sir has provided me with the right knowledge (not indicator based), to trade confidently and make profit in Binary Options. I highly recommend any trader whose tired of losing to try his trading course and you will not be disappointed.
 – Samson M.

   Firstly thank you so much sir for your never ending patience. I took the candlestick psychology course which is 7 lessons and I got an extra lesson. I’m new to trading and every lesson was broken down to become basic for my understanding and before every new lesson was a recap of the one we had the previous day. I’m still practicing on the demo account but I can tell I’m getting there. It was worth every cent. Thank you!!
 – Aphiwe K.

Hi Sir, I am really glad to learn from you the best. You have taught me things I never knew about Binary options. I can now clearly understand the market in the better way. I don’t regret and I enjoyed my time with Sir . Choosing protm’s courses you wont regret but rejoice.
 –  Mpho L.

             I appreciate your consideration, guidance, help, time , training invested for me to be a professional trader. I took training from several world’s best trader these years however if I have to compare your training with them it’s priceless & more of logical. It was easy to adapt your training & same was implemented with fruitful results. I was semi professional trader until now & post attending your sessions I can confidently call myself a pro+ trader. Indeed you are a master in trading world & have share your knowledge , experience with me & certainly I see huge profits in my trading in near future . As a student I will make you feel proud as it was worth learning from you. I will always value & respect you for everything I learned from you . Love U sir for everything.
 – Azhar S.



I had a lot of knowledge about binary trading strategy indicators etc. … from you-tube. But after I applied for his course I realized how wrong was that knowledge.

Recently My course is over and I am really happy that I have a real and powerful knowledge and now I have really good results with his knowledge .
Sir is a very kind and honest man and he taught me literally everything .
I think pro trader maker is a real wizard  and he really have done magic to this market with his knowledge.
In my opinion Protm is the greatest master and the greatest trader in the world class. He has many students and all them are happy after ProTm course. I am considering him father of binary-option knowledge in the world. And I wish someday I will be as good as him .
Thanks to god I found a good master like him and he actually changed my life.

 – Mojataba F


The first thing I was impressed with is the absolute amount of learning content that protm provides. And you’ll learn anything you need to know to trade any market on any time-frame. And it’s simply naked charts: Absolutely no crazy lagging indicators or bands that cause distractions.

You get one to one sessions, not simply recorded videos, practical learning through screen sharing with the tutor. Honestly, this is not a rich quick get scheme. You need to invest in hours and analyzing candlesticks. Heads up on correcting me on wrong analysis, spot on during the initial days. Results will come, only with dedication and commitment put together with the awesome knowledge provided by pro trader maker.

 – Dominic I.


Thank you so much Sir for guiding me I would really appreciate your efforts , I am glad that I took sessions from you I have learned a lot from you, like how you taught me price action and about market which I have never saw or learned from any where or anyone else ,and your way of teaching is amazing and I have never imagined that I would get to learn so many new things from you and I am very glad and appreciate. And thanks for priceless sessions and I would like to wish you all the best for your future, and keep doing the good work. Love you Sir☺️☺️

 –  Narendra R.