Support And Resistance Level

Above candlestick chart represent data of indices UK100 and candlestick time frame is 4 hour. This UK100¬† indices market respected support and resistance level, Market always bounce from one level to another level and professional trader always wait for this level to generate profit. But it’s not easy to draw a strong and reliable¬† level in the market because there are lots of support and resistance you just need to find only strong and confirmed level. And we can not trade on every support and resistance levels without any strong confirmation and validation of level. Option Market, Forex Market,Crypto market, ETFs Market, Indices Market, Commodities Market and stock Market All Market has its own different support and resistance level you can be profitable by using only true support and resistance knowledge. But if you have knowledge of candlestick psychology plus support and resistance levels then you can take trade with full confidence. The main benefit of support and resistance levels is you can take trade in any types of market condition( uptrend, downtrend and sideway market).