ProTm Gamma Forex Trading ||  


#  Main topics

  1.  Foreign exchange explanation in details
  2.  Different  forex broker with different forex accounts in details
  3. Basic explanation about mt4 platform and different terms
  4. Basic explanation about All different types of market orders ( Market execution and pending order
  5. Basic explanation of pips/points, lots size, leverage, risk to reward ratio !
  6. Advance  3D ProTm  Candlestick Psychology ++
  7. Trade entry and exits using candlestick
  8. When to enter and when to exit using candlestick
  9.  All Advance  3D ProTm Price Action  Setup++
  10. Trade entry and exits using price action
  11. When to enter and when to exit using price action
  12. All types of breakout price action setup entry and exits
  13. Buyers and sellers area
  14.  Advance TIme  or Session ++
  15. Area {zone} trading using time
  16. Advance Economical Indicator ++
  17. Entry and exits using Economical indicators
  18. Multiple timeframe analysis
  19. ProTm Market Makers Mindset
  20. How to survive during market maker’s price movement
  21. Different ProTM powerful money management
  22. Life time entry in ProTm Gamma Forex Trading Group


->>  Course will be conduct through zoom meeting app  !

->> One to one  personal online meeting !

->> Total  32  lecture via zoom meeting !

->>Money Back Guaranteed Course *

*** ProTm Money Back Guarantee : Using Money Management If you take 10  trade using ProTm Price Action knowledge and  if you Can not make profit  then you will get your money back  !



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