ProTm Beta Binary Option Course [Money Back Guarantee]


Course will be conduct through zoom meeting app  !
 One to one  personal online meeting !
 Total   20  lecture via zoom meeting !
 6  Free Lecture after Finish Course 
 1 Year Free Support After Course
[Money Back Guarantee]



Course Main Topics

  • Momentum Supplier Support & Resistance Levels
  • Momentum Supplier Trend Line Levels
  • Momentum Supplier Fix Levels
  • Momentum Supplier Fix Magic Levels
  • Fibonacci Momentum Supplier Levels
  • 2D Momentum Supplier Levels
  • Volume & Momentum Analysis By Candlestick
  • Candlestick High & Low Analysis
  • Candlestick Rejection & Confidence Analysis
  • Candlestick weakness & strength Analysis
  • 2D Candlestick Analysis
  • 2D Candlestick Plus 2D Price Action Analysis
  • Average Momentum Supplier Analysis
  • Candlestick Breakout Analysis
  • Momentum Supplier SnR Level Fake & Real Breakout Analysis
  • Momentum Supplier Trend Line Level Fake & Real Breakout Analysis
  • Candlestick Continuation Analysis
  • Advance Overall High & Low Analysis
  • Candlestick Reversal Analysis
  • Advance Candlestick Confirmation SnR Breakout Analysis
  • Advance Candlestick Confirmation Trend Line Breakout Analysis
  • How Volume Drive Price Analysis
  • How Momentum Drive Volume Analysis
  • How Momentum Only Drive Price Analysis
  • 3D Price Action Analysis
  • Powerful Money Management, Trading Survival Rule
  • Session Timing and about Currency pairs


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