Pro Level Trading Course

All market always bounce from one level to another level. There are main three types of support and resistance levels, first one is classical support and resistance levels and trend line levels , The second one is psychological support and resistance  levels Like fibonacci and round number levels   and the third one is hidden support and resistance levels which is called magic number levels. All levels are equally important and all are very strong. You must have knowledge about all three types of  Support and resistance levels before you enter in any market. And also all levels can be breakable in the future you can also predict that those levels will break or not  but for this you should also need some knowledge about candlestick psychology. ProTM will provide you all levels strong knowledge and guidance. ProTM will provide you decent knowledge and guidance on all below topics.

 What is level trading

Support And Resistance Level Trading

  How to trade with trend using SnR

  How to trade against trend using SnR

 Which SnR  level will brake or not

 Which SnR  level  is strong and weak

 How to take trade confirmation

 Trend Line Trading

  How to draw trend line

 How to trade with trend using trend line

 How to trade against trend using trend line

 Which is strong and weak trend line

 Which trend line  level will brake or not

 Which SnR  level will brake or not

How to trade using SnR plus Trend Line

 How to take trade confirmation

  Fibonacci Level Trading

 What is fibonacci level trading

 How to draw correct fibonacci with multiple way

How to trade on fibonacci extension and retracements

How to trade using SnR , Trendline and Fibonacci level

 How to take trade confirmation

 Round Number And Magic Nmber Level Trading

 What is round number and magic number level

 How to take trade using round number plus magic number level

Trend line level plus round number and magic nuber level

 Course Duration  1 week

 Course Language : English , Hindi

 Courses Will Be Conducted Using Zoom App With Live Webinar

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