Pro Forex Trading Course

Forex market trading is very popular than any other markets in the world and also forex market has a very big volume than any other markets in the world. But still only 10% of traders can able to make constant profits from this big forex market because lot’s of traders does not use proper leverage and money management, and also they do not have proper knowledge of  how the market moves. Lot’s of traders invest their money by trusting on lagging indicator and fake automated software. If you have correct knowledge about the forex market then you can able to make profit while you are sleeping !! Because forex trading has many features , you can manage your losses and profits using stop loss and take profit. There are many features available in forex trading, but without proper knowledge of forex market and guidance you cannot be a part of 10% of  profitable traders. That’s why ProTM has launch the Pro Forex Trading Course . You will get best and decent guidance and knowledge from ProTM.  ProTM will provide you guidance and knowledge on all below topics.

What Is Forex Market Trading

How To Trade And Invest In Forex Market

Forex Mt4 Platform Guide

How to use safe leverage ?

 Which forex account type is best ?

 Candlestick Psychology

 Price Action Trading (Level Trading)

 Support And Resistance Level Trading

 Trend Line Trading

 Fibonacci Level Trading

 Round Number And Magic Number Trading

 Forex  News Trading

Strong Price Action Trend Following Strategy

Strong Price Action Trend Reversal Strategy

 Best Money Management

Best Timing For Trading

Emotional Control And Patience

 Course Duration  3 weeks

 Course Language : English , Hindi

 Courses Will Be Conducted Using Zoom App With Live Webinar

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