After many years of research ProTm found that using  all recently available technical and fundamental analysis investors are still not able to gain profit in their investment because there is lot’s of misunderstanding ! Around 99 % of investors or traders use candlestick charts for technical analysis and they are trying to predict the market using many different types of key candlestick but still not getting good results or not being able to find invisible buyers and sellers from the market. Investors are trying to remember many different types of candlestick names and then waiting for a good opportunity to enter the market  but  fail to gain profit and finally the investor becomes emotional and makes a loss of their initial capital. Warren Buffett says that ” Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing “.  From 2016 ProTm provides the best technical and fundamental analysis to world wide investors and traders. After doing lots of research on candlestick ProTM found that we do not need to remember all candlestick. We just need to understand the language of candlestick. After observing the formation of candlestick we can say that, who is controlling price movement bulls or bears ? It’s called candlestick psychology. It’s not easy to understand for every one but with hard work and with true guidance it’s possible. ProTm also did research on price action ! Prices always create demand and supply zones and we can easily detect which demand and supply zone will work or not using volume and momentum of the price. ProTm technical and fundamental analysis is totally different from others. Many investor have taken advantage of ProTm Knowledge from all around the world. You can read trusted Testimonial in their own words. “We have lots of time for learning but we do not have lot’s of capital for investment” – ProTm