How to Learn Price Action And Candlestick Psychology

Before you enter in any market you must have some basic knowledge about the price action and candlestick psychology otherwise it’s nearly impossible to make constant profit from any market  because it’s very basic and common thing for any market. If you want be part of 10% profitable trader in forex and 5% profitable trader in option trading then you must need to understand this price action and candlestick psychology because  We have lots of time for learning but we do not have lots of money for losing  ”  there are many ways to learn this price action and candlestick psychology from internet, YouTube, website, blogs and eBooks but also there are many miss-concept included in that content.   The best way of learning is to “Accept all information from all different sources and test all information based on your own experience and if this information gives you correct result then store it in your mind by doing lots of practice”  This is the way of correct  learning style.