Basics And Common Things From All Market

                From all above information we can say that every market represented by candlestick chart and market’s secret information stored in every single candlestick. Every candlestick tells us strength and weakness of  bullish and bearish market. Therefore candlestick is a king of price action, and the next common thing is support and resistance level, trend line, Fibonacci level, round number level and magic number level. Above all market follows and respect all these level but you must have some very basic knowledge about this different types of level and how to use it, there are lots of indicator available in the market but every indicator gives signals and result after the complete action of markets movement so most of time indicator gives wrong information about the market but price action and candlestick  gives the most of time true signals and information about the market because price action gives the result with action of market. Therefore Price action and candlestick psychology is common for all above the market.