Candlestick Psychology

Every candlestick represents the markets virtual high and virtual low and also represents the real high and real low. Bullish Candlesticks and Bearish candlesticks virtual and real high and low indicates about buyers and sellers strength and weakness also it is showing us who is in control on the market at  that time, And every candlestick has opening and closing price and difference between opening and closing candlestick  shows us the strength of volume and momentum of the bearish and bullish market.Also we can find the sellers upcoming movement in up trend and buyers upcoming movement in downtrend. Candlestick wick and tail gives us pre-information about the market next possible movement and difference between high and low of any candlestick represents the power of buyers and sellers in that particular time interval. And many more informations stored in every single candlestick and the Candlestick  Psychology. It’s not easy to understand but once you understand this then you can apply this concept in any market and all market that follow the candlestick psychology. Therefor ProTM strongly recommend to all those traders who wants to be profitable in this trading field by learn first the candlestick psychology.

 Forex Market follow the candlestick psychology

Observe and Look at the chart above, In this chart every candlestick represent 7 days time interval and we can see  6 major movements in this chart all 6 major movements can be detected by using candlestick psychology. Every candlestick are stored with deep information about the market and we can predict easily the next movement. Candlestick Psychology can be applicable for the all remaining market like Option Market, Crypto Market, ETFs Market, Indices Market, Commodities Market and Stock Market. So This Candlestick Psychology is very basic and common concept for all above the market.