Pro Candlestick Psychology Course

Binary option market, Forex market, Cryptocurrency market ,Commodities market, Stock Market  Indices and ETFs  All market can be represented by candlestick chart. And also all major and minor movement we can find some common candlestick pattern and this is the pre-indication of next  big or small reversal of the market. Huge information of market are stored in candlestick pattern. Candlestick can detect the markets psychology and every candlestick gives lots of information about the market, like virtual high and virtual low , real high and real low, strength of buyers and sellers, who is in controlling the market  sellers or buyers and many many more information are stored with compressed.  But it’s not easy to identify all those information without correct knowledge and guidance. ProTM will provide you the strong guidance and knowledge about candlestick psychology. You will learn below all topics in detail.

 Candlestick Psychology Trading

 Best Money Management

Best Timing For Trading

Emotional Control And Patience

How To Deal With Binary Broker

 Course Duration  1 week

 Course Language : English , Hindi

 Courses Will Be Conducted Using Zoom App With Live Webinar

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