Pro All In One Price Action Course

All market chart is represented by candlestick chart and candlestick chart gives all the information about any markets next movement, it shows the weakness of buyers and sellers. Therefor candlestick chart is the king of price action. And also all the market follows support and resistance level, Trend line, Fibonacci level and round number level. This is very common and basic thing for any market. With help of price action you can predict the markets future movement with a high enough degree of accuracy to give you a high-probability trading setup. Above all strong price action tools it gives the markets information with markets action or before the markets action so you can predict the markets future  data !! So the price action is most important for any types of market and you must have some knowledge about this price action before you invest your hard earned money.  ProTM will provide you perfect price action knowledge and make you Pro Trader in any market. ProTM will provide you the information and decent knowledge on all below topics.

 What is the price action

 How to trade or invest using price action

 Candlestick Psychology Trading

 Price Action Trading (Level Trading)

 Support And Resistance Level Trading

 Trend Line Trading

 Fibonacci Level Trading

 Round Number Trading

 Magic Number Trading

 How to create high-probability price action trading setup

 Why price action fail sometime.

 Price action + money management + emotion control+ patience = profitable trader

 Course Duration  2 weeks

 Course Language : English , Hindi

 Courses Will Be Conducted Using Zoom App With Live Webinar

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